Welcome to the Prairie Vascular Fellowship

Based on the tremendous innovations made by cardiologists treating coronary artery disease, great progress has been made applying endovascular techniques to the treatment of vascular and structural heart disease.  Although many cardiovascular physicians possess the skills to perform these procedures, there seems to be insufficient means by which these physicians can obtain the advanced training necessary to evolve their techniques to the level necessary to care for the most complex vascular patients.   

The Physicians at Prairie Cardiovascular continue to set the pace in these fields with innovative research and ongoing physician education.  For many years our faculty has participated in training other physicians in the fields of vascular and endovascular medicine.  We continue to see an unmet need for physician training in these fields as well as Structural Heart Disease.  In an effort to meet this need we have established a multidisciplinary training program for physicians to develop advanced skills in the fields of Vascular Medicine, Endovascular Medicine, and Structural Heart Disease.